Art Gallery Director
Bogert Gallery exhibits contemporary visual art of both young and established artists. Bogert Gallery is at the moment working with a group of artists who are exhibiting their work in the gallery.

The main objective of Bogert Gallery is to establish an international forum for young contemporary art.

Bogert Gallery helps enthusiastic art lovers, collectors (young at heart) and companies, to start a collection which is more biased towards talent than fame.

Bogert Gallery works with the love of the arts in first place. It is also hospitable, innovative, deepening, broadening, and opionated, enterprising, energetic, progressive, inspiring and above all only works with art(ists) high quality.

Personal contact with the artists and affinity with their work are high up on our priority list.

Zeedijk 732 8300 Knokke - Het Zoute Belgium T. direct +32 (0) 50 688 236 mobile +32 (0)472 896 390 -
Open on monday and friday from 14.00 AM till 6.00 PM - saturday and sunday from 11.00 AM till 6.00 PM - Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
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